About Me

Nolan Jamison

(Then & Now)

I created this site when I was 15 Years Old. And my Goals have not changed. I am a Pitcher! I hit 90 MPH on March 19 2019. I have excelled academically since I can remember. Currently I am carrying a 4.3 GPA and have Honors & AP Classes. My Goal is to always balance my Academics and Baseball. And insure that I do both at a High Level. I have a balanced class schedule and my toughest AP Class is American History as I am wired for Math & Science. With my 2 Favorite (and Best Classes are Math, Science & Technology). In my Engineering Class I was the 1st Student to ever Pass the Autodesk Inventor Certification Test. I recently took the ACT and scored a 32 on Science. I will be taking the ACT again on June 8th 2019 and my Goal is to have a Composite Score of 30. My SAT Goal is 1330. Taking again on June 1st 2019. 1330 / 30! Florida Bright Futures!

I started playing Baseball (T-Ball at 5) and never Stopped. I absolutely Love the Game and I come from a Baseball Family. I guess we ALL have Baseball on the Brain! (You can ask me about that one later)

I have played Varsity since the 9th Grade or Freshman Season. [Wesley Chapel High School  - I am now at Cypress Creek Middle High School - Brand New Program]

(9th Grade I was Flex or did both JV and Varsity) and as a Sophomore, since moving to the New School I am a Full Time Varsity Starter as a Sophomore and I am currently the Tuesday Starting Pitcher in our Rotation.

I have played on a Club / Travel Team since I was 10 (USSSA, GSA, AAU +). I have played virtually all positions (except Catcher - my Grandfather as a Catcher at Chipola & Florida State so that pains him). I do consider the Position that I OWN is Pitcher.

"I am a Pitcher!" I have excellent Velocity, Command and consider myself a Student of the Art of Pitching. (Visit my PAGE Student of the Game: PITCHING) I still have much to learn and work on, but that comes with the territory. I am committed to my craft.

That is probably plenty for now. If you want more, reach out to me and I will direct you to my CV Page for Academics and my Recruiting Profile on FieldLevel.com & NCSA.ORG is available below. Or Visit my CONTACT PAGE.