7 Day Pitching Routine for High School Pitchers

YouTube Video of Routine


Repetition is the Mother of Skill

Practice How You Play... I heard this Hundreds of times. From my Coaches to my own Father when I was young and he was Coaching me. I believe when things are not going your way and you get in a rut or slump, it is often linked to getting sloppy with Practice or that you simply are not putting in the work. That's when it is time to have my Coach or Dad get some Video and I have got to go back to the "GOOD HABITS" that got me to the point that I am now. Of course, I am not where I want to be... Ever. But that is OK - That is what keeps me Hungry and Keeps me working. I have heard my Coaches say often: "I wonder what your Competition is doing Right Now?" I think about that and then Hit It!

You can't always practice PERFECT, but it is the GOAL!


Plan the Work and Work your Plan!

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