Nolan Jamison

RHP | 2022 Mars Hill University, NC

Fall 2020 - Showcases, Games, Training Videos

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Nolan Jamison RHP
Nolan Jamison RHP

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Rundown: What I am Working On Right Now...

All of the same below, but preparing for competing at the collegiate level. Pitching at Mars Hill University in Western North Carolina!
Working on Getting Bigger, Stronger & More Durable. Working on refining my motion to optimize my velocity.
Spent time at the Florida Baseball Ranch last Summer Training with Randy Sullivan and his staff.
I am currently working with Jon from Lantz Wheeler's Team on getting my "HIPS" fully engaged in my delivery! 
I am planning on this Fall and Spring being Super Strong for my Recruiting Prospects! I will be playing Fall Baseball (2020) and plan on a Strong Senior Spring Season to wrap up before college. I currently have 3 Camp / Showcase Dates planned for Fall 2020.  Below find a few more videos... and my links to my Recruiting Profiles are below.

NEXT STEPS & GOAL: Competing & Dominating at the College Level and getting Drafted!

Nolan Jamison

2019 / 16 Yrs Old

2020 / 17 Yrs Old

2018 / 15 Yrs Old

Nolan Jamison's Recruiting Profile:

Nolan Jamison Key Scouting Attributes:

Updated Scouting Report Summer 2020:
  • Size: 6'3" 191 LBS (Sept. 7th, 2020) 18 Years Old (Birthdate: 8/6/2002) Plenty of Frame to Grow Into.
  • Arm Slot: 3/4 + Slot, Strong Repeatability.
  • Velocity: Hit 90 MPH March 2019. Working on getting back to 90+ and sitting 87-88. Goal 90+ Consistently by early Spring 
  • Movement: Strong Movement on 2 Seam Fastball and 4 Seam appears to rise. Comfortable throwing inside and to the top of the strike zone. Experimenting with cutter and already have solid split finger fastball that falls off strong.
  • Control: Excellent Control, with very repeatable delivery. Consistently throws 70%+ Strikes when that is needed or planned.
  • Command: Beyond his control, Nolan has excellent command of the plate. Being able to hit spots consistently has been one of his traits since entering high school. This applies to all of his pitches. (FBs, CH, CU, SP)
  • Pitchability: Nolan has strong "feel for the game". He always has a plan and pitch sequencing is something he studies. Paying close attention to Jake Degrom, Trevor Bauer, Blake Snell and a few other of his favorites that he models his game after. Nolan is a strong student academically (4.2+ GPA) and has brought those smarts to the game and the mound. Since 2018 and going into 2019, this trait became much more locked in. He always has a goal of keeping a hitter off-balance and is never scared to bury a curveball in tough counts.So whether this means pitching a hitter backwards or simply doing the totally unexpected his "Pitchability Factor" is something that is a big separator relative to other young similar build and velo Righty's.
Pitch Type Breakdowns:
  • FASTBALL: 4 Seam. Hit 90 March 2019. Had a setback last spring and is getting back to his prior velocity. Nolan and his Coaches are targeting early spring for 90+ Velocities again. Randy Sullivan at FBR feels confident, that with his current training plan, "Getting Back There" is always easier than getting there for the 1st time. He is very comfortable throwing this pitch to any spot and thrives pitching inside as well as up in the zone.
  • FASTBALL: 2 Seam. This pitch acts a lot like his Change Up. With late fall off to the inside for Right Handed Batters. The pitch fades off to his throwing arm side. He often uses this pitch and his change up to keep a hitter off balance.
  • Change Up: Maybe Nolan's strongest pitch. He may argue this point, but the results are evident. The pitch fades off very strong and away... and is thrown 7-8 mph slower than his 2 Seam and 10 off of his 4 seam. His teammates and catchers say this pitch is "Flat Out Nasty". Nolan is also working on a variant of this pitch to match each of his 2 Seam nd 4 Seam Fastballs, for those hitters that are good at "picking up the laces".
  • Curveball: He learned the curveball throwing the traditional 12:6 Curveball and if you have some of his training footage you can see that the Pitch has Strong Depth along with solid side to side movement or sweep. He is currently working on a variant with a slightly dropped arm slot that is probably a "Slurve". This pitch is in development mode. 
  • Split Finger Fastball: Thrown as an alternative to the change up. Is more often shelved as his change up is very dependable. But can be thrown dependably if needed.
  • Slider and Cutter: These are 2 pitches that Nolan may begin more work on. He is slated for a Pitch Design Session at Florida Baseball Ranch in the next month (As of 9/12/2020)
Scouting Attributes: Coaches, Need confirmation of Nolan's Profle. His NCSA & FieldLevel Profiles have all been validated. And if you would like to speak with one of Nolan's Coaches...
Contact Coach Tony Saccamano @ 727-224-6199 or Email @ Coach Tony here: Link to Email

TAP Athlete Type: ROCKET
(NCSA Sports Testing Module)

Test Results are included in Nolan's NCSA Profile (Link Here)

    The Driven Athlete

    • Confident, in-charge style
    • Calm, cool & collected
    • Focused on getting things done
    • Optimistic demeanor
    • Does well in social situations
    • Often comfortable being the center of attention
    • Likes making quick decisions
    • May be overconfident in decisions
    • Practical, likes to get involved and be hands-on
    • May decide too quickly without fully considering options
    • Cool under pressure
    • Gets things done
    • Will push hard to accomplish goals
    • May decide too quickly and fail to consider implications
    • Could be perceived as cocky
    • May rigidly stick to plans
    This type likes upbeat, positive coaches. They prefer a decisive coach that is also realistic.
    • Tom Brady, football
    • Andrew Luck, football
    • Carson Wentz, football
    • Mike Evans, football
    • Jason Witten, football
    • Buster Posey, baseball
    • Andrew Miller, baseball
    • Josh Donaldson, baseball
    • Charlie Blackmon, baseball
    • Dallas Keuchel, baseball
    • Brendan Fowler, lacrosse
    • Jaco Peyper, rugby
    • Alicia Puren, netball
    • Lauren Chamberlain, softball
    • Kaitlyn Richardson, softball
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Nolan Jamison RHP
Nolan Jamison RHP

Nolan Jamison | RHP | 2021

I am Nolan Jamison. I live in Wesley Chapel, Florida and attend Mars Hill University, NC #20 P.O.

UPDATE: HIT 90 MPH 2/19/2019

Verified: Ball Coach / Pocket Radar, by Coach J. Neale & Coach R. Pryor.

Learn more about my Goals, Strengths and why I will be a Fantastic Asset for your School & Team!

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For SAT/PSAT/ACT Scores: Goal: SAT 1330 (Current 1270) / Goal: ACT 30 (Current 27)

Academic Rundown:
  • Gifted Program: 4th Grade Forward. Selected for the Cambridge Program - Pasco County in 9th Grade. 
  • AP / Honors Student: Currently
  • GPA:  4.2+ 
  • SAT: 1270 Taking SAT again this fall. Goal of 1320
  • ACT: 27 Taking ACT again this fall. Goal of 30. Scored 31 on STEM Section of ACT.
  • Brightfutures ScholarshipNolan will qualify for Brightfutures Scholarship with a Goal of 100%. Taking SAT and ACT again this fall. Currently qualifies at 75% scholarship. Has 40 hours of volunteer to finish up over the next 9 months.
  • Academics: Coaches will never have to worry about Nolan's Academic Standing
  • Morally Grounded
  • Uses Good Judgement in all situations